Daily inspiration is guaranteed with this unique collection of 366 art reproductions and poems selected from the body of work of spiritual teacher and artist Sri Chinmoy, who spent his whole life in manifesting peace and harmony among humanity. For the illustrations of the first nine months the whole artwork is presented; for the remaining three months of the calendar we concentrated on fragments of paintings which in themselves are artwork. Enjoy the various colours, shapes and texts of Sri Chinmoy.

370 pages, 18 x 18 cm, English, 365 illustrations, 365 poems, table stand
Limited Edition
ISBN 978-3-89532-348-5


The art of Sri Chinmoy has many facets. Starting with very early figurative drawings in the 1940s in his native India, continuing with his official start in the West, in Canada, with the famous rose drawing, then around 140,000 acrylics followed, and finally he created bird drawings in all shapes, colours and sizes. Sri Chinmoy called them „soul-birds“. We witnessed small multi-coloured drawings on note papers, larger composite drawings with hundreds of tiny birds and also combinations of a bird form with small birds within. All together around 16 million birds were counted by his assistants who always kept track of his creation.

Every year, Sri Chinmoy and a group of his disciples travelled during the Christmas and New Year time to different countries throughout the world. During his last Trip in 2006 and 2007, held in Turkey, Bulgaria and Thailand, he was given a very special black art paper, that revealed underneath hidden colours when being scratched on them. Sri Chinmoy liked the idea and started creating right away. Hundreds of colourful birds were born and the disciples had the chance to buy some of them directly on the location. For this book we made a selection of these unique bird drawings and combined them with Sri Chinmoy’s own poems on birds. Enjoy the book!

If you own yourself some of these unique drawings, feel free to send us a good scan or photo of them so we can include them on the website:

PUBLISHING DATE: December 13th, 2022
Hard cover, 152 pages, 21 x 21 cm, English, 70 illustrations
Limited Edition
ISBN 978-3-89532-354-6


Soon after I became disciple, I was fascinated by the immense body of artwork that my spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy was creating. He called his art Jharna-Kala, which means „Fountain-Art“ in his native Bengali, art that comes from within – soulful, intuitive, spontaneous and vivid. When I joined the path and purchased the first paintings in the early 1980s, his favourite medium was acrylics. Altogether he did over 140,000 paintings, some in smaller format, while some up to huge dimensions covering whole walls. At that time we had the golden opportunity to witness him painting, and thereafter interested people could purchase them. Usually a couple of days later he would give them personally to the buyers.

After publishing my first four books (on my dear wife Nirmala, her drawings, on myself and on my personal photography) I got the inspiration to share these art treasures with disciples and art lovers, added by a selection of poems by Sri Chinmoy on the subject of art. The first part is my own collection; the second consists of paintings that I received from Sri Chinmoy for possible reproductions. The printing quality is superb because we used a digital printing instead of a normal offset printing and achieved colours much closer to the original. We also used a 190 gr art paper. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I do.   – Kedar Misani
Hard cover, 124 pages, 29.7 x 29.7 cm, 56 illustrations, October 2022


Some glimpses from the contents:


My Visual Diary

Photography is part of my life. I am a visual person. I started to capture simple objects under the guidance of my father who by no means was a professional, but he taught my eyes to watch for the essence. While other photographers, especially in the digital age, often shoot hundreds and thousands of pictures of an event, I always concentrated on the right moment before clicking, even already envisioning the final picture on display or published. Cropping and choosing pictures was later also part of some of my early activities as an editor and publisher. In the beginning, black & white photography was the only medium to use for expressing personal feelings and artistic expressions. Later, color slowly become popular. When I joined the spiritual path of Sri Chinmoy in the late 70s, my focus was partly switched to moving pictures, because especially in the beginning, films and later videos of my Master were very rare. But in my free time and especially on the many trips with him and with the choir “Oneness-Dream”, I always found time for doing some personal photography. I am happy to share with you these moments that I captured on film, paper or chip over the years. If you want to see more, check out my blog https://photoshd.wordpress.com, which became one of my most popular blogs. – Kedar Misani

Paperback, 224 Seiten, 21×21 cm, 159 photographs, February 2022
Printed on natural paper
Comments by Priyadarshan, Tanima, Sandro and Apaguha
ISBN 978-3-89532-339-3


Comment by Priyadarshan:

Photography is definitely part of our Path. To my eyes at least, my spiritual teacher has always been a passionate photographer, way before his students followed his tracks in the field of this beautiful art. One of my favourite portraits shows him with two cameras strapped around his neck, something that only a real photography enthusiast can appreciate in its practicality.

I know Kedar as a good photographer. I was told he had been the editor and publisher of a well respected specialist photography magazine in the 70s and 80s, at least to the serious practitioner of fine art in Europe and even world-wide. I also have been a humble practitioner, taking pictures when given the chance, and admiring the art of real artists from afar. I am saying this because, when I was given the opportunity to review Kedar’s new book, I was expecting to see some beautiful photographs, still perhaps in the reaches of serious amateurs. I did not expect to see, to my eye, some truly awe-inspiring works, for clarity of vision, cleverness of cropping, alacrity in shooting promptness and felicity of subjects.

My favourites are his black and white works, but all the photographs in his new book are worth more than an admiring glance, but a careful study and a carefree enjoyment of the beauty breathing in those photographs. I already perused several times through the whole collection and received great joy, abundant inspiration-light, and a tremendous admiration for Kedar’s photographic discipline, keen eye and receptive heart.

I am very grateful to Kedar for sharing his masterpieces with us, and for his continuous dedication to the Art of Vision. I hope he will consider publishing more. Thank you! Priyadarshan

Some pictures from “My Visual Diary”:


This newest collection of Sri Chinmoy’s writings presents his insights on the spiritual roots of the environmental crisis and what each of us can do, offering a message of hope, oneness and compassion. Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007), an eminent spiritual teacher as well as prolific author, artist and composer, charted a course for how we can live in peace and harmony in today’s world. For over thirty years he led peace meditations at the United Nations and met with global citizens and luminaries, often sharing his perspective on questions such as humanity’s relationship with the natural world. This book is as up-to-date as having been written yesterday!

Let me quote Sri Chinmoy from the chapter, “The Tears of Mother Earth: The Roots of the Environmental Crisis”

Nature’s pristine beauty must be preserved. Whenever or wherever we torture Mother Earth, we must feel that we have committed a serious crime. Nature’s beauty and purity we must preserve. Nature and heart go perfectly together. Right now we are using too much of the mind and not enough of our hearts. The mind has to be used; otherwise, we shall act foolishly. But the mind that we are using now is the doubting mind, suspicious mind, impure mind. Instead, let us use our heart of beauty, heart of purity, heart of divinity. This heart is always at one with Mother Nature, the Nature that gives us affection, compassion, love and blessings.

The things that Mother Nature has produced here on earth are beautiful. But we have become commercial. While we are modernising the whole world with our technological capacities, we are destroying the inner beauty and simplicity which Mother Earth embodies. This is an act of unpardonable stupidity and callousness. We are actually limiting ourselves in the name of transforming or improving Mother Earth. There should be a balance. From Nature we can take as much help as we need, but always without diminishing Mother Earth’s pristine beauty and capacity.

– Sri Chinmoy

English, 156 pages, 143 x 165 mm
ISBN 978-3-89532-337-9


Nirmala was always very sensitive and captured the feelings towards events or people she met in very personal sketches. She meditated for 41 years with spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy (1931 – 2007) and also extensively studied his poetry. Some of the sketches are to be found in her notebooks  together with Sri Chinmoy’s poems. Many also relate to people his husband interviewed online. It was only after Nirmala’s passing that he found the total amount of drawings she did although some of them he scanned for her blog while she was doing them.

Nirmala Misani was born on December 5th, 1950 in Solothurn, Switzerland, and she passed away on November 18th, 2020 at the age of almost 70, due to a stroke and her weak heart condition. This book reveals the many facets of her creativity which she expressed in a personal, sometimes childlike manner – often complemented with text elements and numbers. Altogether a total of 152 drawings are presented in this book. Take your time to plunge into a very special world, often inspired by inner experiences. 

Ramita wrote this comment for the back page of the book: “Nirmala’s drawings are absolutely adorable. Full of feeling, emotion, and undeniable artistry. Soulfully playful, delicate, original and charming. Radiating with purity and lightness, soulfully storytelling. Revealing the magic of her inner reality, her artwork is a true joy to look at, and also inviting us to explore our own imagination. Beautiful, dear Nirmala, thank you.”

Paperback, ENGLISH, 172 pages, 154 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-89532-336-2


This is the title of the book that has just been released in the Verlag Golden Shore. In the series of books revealing insights on the life of disciples of Sri Chinmoy Kedar speaks about his first spiritual steps, how he found his master, what changed in his life and what are the key goals you should have when entering a spiritual life. Kedar looks back on 40 years of manifesting the light of his master, which hurdles he had to overcome, how his life was saved several times, how he dealt with the loss of his dear wife Nirmala (see my book “Tribute to Nirmala, 1950-2020) and what are his projects for the future. Also included is a large photo section with more than 40 precious pictures in black & white and colour he did of Sri Chinmoy over a span of more than 20 years. 

And this is what Mandu wrote when he first saw the book:

“When I met Kedar 20 years ago, I experienced him as a seeker of truth, always striving to find the essence behind things. He was precise in his artistic creations, always striving to get the best out of the situation, be it artistic or technical. Whether it was learning how to overcome a technical hurdle, or the ultimate possible truth experience of spiritual insight, Kedar always approached it with enthusiasm and fearlessness. With his many videos, Kedar has made a milestone in the manifestation of Sri Chinmoy’s life, he has immortalized the Master with his videos, and he has made it possible for numerous seekers and disciples all over the world to experience Sri Chinmoy through the medium of film. The dedication to such a task alone demands greatness, readiness, preparedness and precision.

Our Master has placed in each of us a blossoming flower. If we treat it with care, it will grow and will bear its fruits. Kedar’s fruits are his many testimonies of time in the form of photo, film and documentary. I dare to imagine how these fruits will inspire people and bring more fruits to the world in the near and distant future. For this, my friend Kedar deserves my full appreciation and gratitude.” – Mandu Trummer, Wels, Austria

ENGLISH, 2nd edition, 100 pages, 89 photographs and images, 17 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-3-89532-338-6