After several years of preparation and interruptions, the new website of Golden Shore Publishing is now ready and updated. All booksellers, conscious people, seekers and meditators are invited to consult our offer of over 200 titles in German and partly also in English. The English titles are the comprehensive collection of theGanapati Presswith 34 volumes of poetry and prose (all hardcover) as well as original English editions which have been reissued supplemented with a German translation – these are the so-called Originals. If you click on the individual subject groups, you will see the book covers, and if you click on them again, you will briefly learn the most important facts about the contents of the book. There are several pages to view in each case, so feel free to click on more pages below.

The Golden Shore Publishing House focuses on the work of the spiritual master Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007), who wrote about 1500 books, including a large number of poems and mantras. All employees of the publishing house are students of Sri Chinmoy and try to present his wisdom as authentically as possible. More information and links to the author can be found HERE. More information and links to the author can be found HERE.

One topic is dedicated to stories and experiences of Sri Chinmoy’s disciples. More and more longtime disciples talk about their personal relationship with Sri Chinmoy, how the Master has enriched their lives and how they have solved emerging problems. There are also books in this field about disciples who have already left the physical world, such as the two publications „Tribute to Nirmala“ and „Personal Sketches of Nirmala Misani“ or the gripping book „DEATH and LIFE“ by Apaga about her partner Dipavajan. In order to cater to an international audience, the books of this group are currently published in English only.

Two other thematic groups are dedicated to the media of music and video. A large collection of CD’s bring us closer to the music of Sri Chinmoy, be it through his own original recordings or musical interpretations of his disciples from all over the world. In the video section you can choose from over 100 DVD’s, all film documents from a time span of over 25 years, recorded and edited by Kedar Misani (kedarvideo).

Savyasachi recently visited the new warehouse

The publishing program is rounded off with some neat gift items, which will be complemented in the future by art reproductions of Sri Chinmoy. Not to forget the popular aphorism cards with a short wisdom saying of Sri Chinmoy. These cards are very popular especially in the activities and restaurants led by Sri Chinmoy’s students. Brand new we have also created a SALES section where you can purchase some titles at bargain prices.

With this weekly newsletter (every Sunday there is a new post) we want to introduce you regularly to the publishing program of Golden Shore, present new publications and authors and introduce texts of the individual books. This will surely inspire you to order one or the other book, because in today’s all-too-digital world, publications in physical form are becoming more and more important. Feedback and comments on our blog posts or on individual books are always welcome – here or directly at the individual products. You can subscribe to the newsletter here (top right corner widget) or, of course, click directly on the home page of our website to read it at any time; there is an English and a German edition – just select the appropriate language in the pop-up menu.  – Kedar Misani