This newest collection of Sri Chinmoy’s writings presents his insights on the spiritual roots of the environmental crisis and what each of us can do, offering a message of hope, oneness and compassion. Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007), an eminent spiritual teacher as well as prolific author, artist and composer, charted a course for how we can live in peace and harmony in today’s world. For over thirty years he led peace meditations at the United Nations and met with global citizens and luminaries, often sharing his perspective on questions such as humanity’s relationship with the natural world. This book is as up-to-date as having been written yesterday!

Let me quote Sri Chinmoy from the chapter, “The Tears of Mother Earth: The Roots of the Environmental Crisis”

Nature’s pristine beauty must be preserved. Whenever or wherever we torture Mother Earth, we must feel that we have committed a serious crime. Nature’s beauty and purity we must preserve. Nature and heart go perfectly together. Right now we are using too much of the mind and not enough of our hearts. The mind has to be used; otherwise, we shall act foolishly. But the mind that we are using now is the doubting mind, suspicious mind, impure mind. Instead, let us use our heart of beauty, heart of purity, heart of divinity. This heart is always at one with Mother Nature, the Nature that gives us affection, compassion, love and blessings.

The things that Mother Nature has produced here on earth are beautiful. But we have become commercial. While we are modernising the whole world with our technological capacities, we are destroying the inner beauty and simplicity which Mother Earth embodies. This is an act of unpardonable stupidity and callousness. We are actually limiting ourselves in the name of transforming or improving Mother Earth. There should be a balance. From Nature we can take as much help as we need, but always without diminishing Mother Earth’s pristine beauty and capacity.

– Sri Chinmoy

English, 156 pages, 143 x 165 mm
ISBN 978-3-89532-337-9


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