The art of Sri Chinmoy has many facets. Starting with very early figurative drawings in the 1940s in his native India, continuing with his official start in the West, in Canada, with the famous rose drawing, then around 140,000 acrylics followed, and finally he created bird drawings in all shapes, colours and sizes. Sri Chinmoy called them „soul-birds“. We witnessed small multi-coloured drawings on note papers, larger composite drawings with hundreds of tiny birds and also combinations of a bird form with small birds within. All together around 16 million birds were counted by his assistants who always kept track of his creation.

Every year, Sri Chinmoy and a group of his disciples travelled during the Christmas and New Year time to different countries throughout the world. During his last Trip in 2006 and 2007, held in Turkey, Bulgaria and Thailand, he was given a very special black art paper, that revealed underneath hidden colours when being scratched on them. Sri Chinmoy liked the idea and started creating right away. Hundreds of colourful birds were born and the disciples had the chance to buy some of them directly on the location. For this book we made a selection of these unique bird drawings and combined them with Sri Chinmoy’s own poems on birds. Enjoy the book!

If you own yourself some of these unique drawings, feel free to send us a good scan or photo of them so we can include them on the website:

PUBLISHING DATE: December 13th, 2022
Hard cover, 152 pages, 21 x 21 cm, English, 70 illustrations
Limited Edition
ISBN 978-3-89532-354-6


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