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NEW: Jharna-Kala Calendar

Daily inspiration is guaranteed with this unique collection of 366 art reproductions and poems selected from the body of work of spiritual teacher and artist Sri Chinmoy, who spent his whole life in manifesting peace and harmony among humanity. For the illustrations of the first nine months the whole artwork is presented; for the remaining […]

Sri Chinmoy – Rainbow Birds

The art of Sri Chinmoy has many facets. Starting with very early figurative drawings in the 1940s in his native India, continuing with his official start in the West, in Canada, with the famous rose drawing, then around 140,000 acrylics followed, and finally he created bird drawings in all shapes, colours and sizes. Sri Chinmoy […]

New Jharna-Kala Art Book

Soon after I became disciple, I was fascinated by the immense body of artwork that my spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy was creating. He called his art Jharna-Kala, which means „Fountain-Art“ in his native Bengali, art that comes from within – soulful, intuitive, spontaneous and vivid. When I joined the path and purchased the first paintings in the […]

Creative Photography by Kedar Misani

My Visual Diary Photography is part of my life. I am a visual person. I started to capture simple objects under the guidance of my father who by no means was a professional, but he taught my eyes to watch for the essence. While other photographers, especially in the digital age, often shoot hundreds and […]

Special Drawings by Nirmala

Nirmala was always very sensitive and captured the feelings towards events or people she met in very personal sketches. She meditated for 41 years with spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy (1931 – 2007) and also extensively studied his poetry. Some of the sketches are to be found in her notebooks  together with Sri Chinmoy’s poems. Many also […]

Kedar: My Life with Sri Chinmoy

This is the title of the book that has just been released in the Verlag Golden Shore. In the series of books revealing insights on the life of disciples of Sri Chinmoy Kedar speaks about his first spiritual steps, how he found his master, what changed in his life and what are the key goals you should have when entering a […]