Nirmala was always very sensitive and captured the feelings towards events or people she met in very personal sketches. She meditated for 41 years with spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy (1931 – 2007) and also extensively studied his poetry. Some of the sketches are to be found in her notebooks  together with Sri Chinmoy’s poems. Many also relate to people his husband interviewed online. It was only after Nirmala’s passing that he found the total amount of drawings she did although some of them he scanned for her blog while she was doing them.

Nirmala Misani was born on December 5th, 1950 in Solothurn, Switzerland, and she passed away on November 18th, 2020 at the age of almost 70, due to a stroke and her weak heart condition. This book reveals the many facets of her creativity which she expressed in a personal, sometimes childlike manner – often complemented with text elements and numbers. Altogether a total of 152 drawings are presented in this book. Take your time to plunge into a very special world, often inspired by inner experiences. 

Ramita wrote this comment for the back page of the book: “Nirmala’s drawings are absolutely adorable. Full of feeling, emotion, and undeniable artistry. Soulfully playful, delicate, original and charming. Radiating with purity and lightness, soulfully storytelling. Revealing the magic of her inner reality, her artwork is a true joy to look at, and also inviting us to explore our own imagination. Beautiful, dear Nirmala, thank you.”

Paperback, ENGLISH, 172 pages, 154 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-89532-336-2


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