Dipavajan was a hero in the spiritual life. His life was characterized by sparkling enthusiasm, cheerfulness and discipline. Not only was he one of the main promoters of the Sri Chinmoy Peace-Run in Europe, he also dedicated his life entirely to inner and outer spiritual progress. His cheerfulness, dedication and determination made him an incomparable instrument of the worldwide Peace-Run.

It was very hard to lose such a person in this world. His life partner Apaga shares in this book his transition to the other world and how even in his last days, marked by cancer, he maintained his spiritual discipline. But she also shows that death is not the end and contact with a loved one does not stop. She writes in a few wonderful examples of how even in the other world he maintained his humor and made himself known to his friends. And she shares with us another very significant experience: Her own experience of how the Higher Worlds also take care of those who are left behind. She tells how she was helped to transform her grief into new energy and new ways. A book that touches deeply and goes to the heart.

In her introduction Apaga writes: “This is a book I hoped I would never be in a position to write, as I’m a happyending kind of girl. It is about life and death – literally – and how to deal with it. There are countless ways to look at anything in life. Even the disasters. And whether we remain sane and reasonably happy in the face of loss or turn bitter and depressed, depends largely on which of those ways we choose. Confronted with the serious situation of my beloved husband being diagnosed with cancer, I knew early on that I had to put my spiritual convictions into practice in order to survive the experience. To make my understanding of our ultimate existence into a living, breathing reality. What I found and discovered along the way helped me greatly – to an extent that I’m once again happy and positive about life. Which is the reason why I’m writing this book. If it manages to be of service to even one individual to better deal with death, loss and grief, then my time writing the following pages will have been well-spent. But even if you are not faced with the serious side of life at this moment, you might still want to read my story and find out what I’ve discovered. You might be surprised. With all my heart’s love and joy for every single one of you – my esteemed readers.”


Paperback, 126 pages, ENGLISH
ISBN 978-3-89532-292-1