Books, music and videos on meditation

Welcome to The Golden Shore, the publisher of books and music from Sri Chinmoy, one of the great spiritual teachers and masters of meditation of our time, as well as from people who were inspired by his philosophy or who live themselves.

In these books you will find many inspiring answers to fundamental questions about the most diverse areas of spirituality, integral yoga and meditation, as well as valuable impulses and a vision for a more fulfilling and peaceful future.

Our life is an inner journey of discovery full of challenges and adventures, a journey of growing and becoming, with the goal of becoming conscious and awakening to our innermost self – that is one with the divine and everything that is.

The books and music recordings of the Golden Shore Verlag are valuable companions and guides on our inner and outer life journey. They can give us courage and inspiration even in difficult phases of life and help to experience the beauty and fulfillment of the inner worlds and to express it increasingly in our everyday life – with the aim of getting closer to our highest humanity, individually and collectively, and the fruits of inner growth to share with the world.

“A river flows within and through us that carries the message of joy.
This divine joy is the only meaning of our life. ”

– Sri Chinmoy, “On the wings of joy”

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